25 March 2013


It's been awhile and I have no excuse that would be acceptable to the outside world except to say that I have been busy. Husband's business, my business, my education and in between that all a tad bit of research and cooking a meal or two. No I barely dust and maybe that is why I get so close to my ancestors.

But today I was inspired and encouraged, by family and friends, living and dead to get myself in gear and design that Genealogical Appointments facebook page. And so it has been at least started. I feel that I may have rushed a few things on it and hope to prune it a bit with your suggestions and comments. What it will end up being is up to me and you but for now I know that one of the things that I do like about facebook is that it is instant sharing.
So that, like my blog, is like genealogy in my mind… a never ending puzzle where you can always fit a new piece in.
Until next we meet… Create an appointment for yourself with an ancestor.

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