04 December 2012

Advent Calendar: Christmas Cards

Now that triggers a fond memory. Back in the 50's, 60's and 70's I guess postage was a bit cheaper than it is today. Literally hundreds of cards arrived at our house. It wasn't that we were some real important people or something I think that it was just a different time back then. People had more time. How many had a stay at home mom like mine? I know for sure that she was the one who ended up signing all of those cards that were sent out from our house.

Back to the fondness of the cards because it was actually when the card arrived in the mail box. Oh my sister and I would run to get the mail each day but of course only mom could open them up. But it was my sister and I who got to hang them up. Starting with the back of the coat closet door. Thin cord was thumb tacked on the left side and stretched across to the right side and thumb tacked again. With real old fashioned thumb tacks not these new fangled push-pins. Row upon row went down the door. When the cards arrived we would all look to see who it came from and then gently slipped it over the cord for all to see for the entire season. Oh there must have been at least 15 or so rows. When the closet door was filled, we went to the back of the front door and proceeded to continue the same stringing and hanging. Just when you would think that we had received our last card more would come. Where to hang now? Well right over the front windows, up near the ceiling we could stretch another long string. But this time we waited for dad to hang the card because he was the tallest in the house to reach that high.

It makes me smile to remember how this simple act of receiving a card, stringing and hanging could cause such a fond memory. I wish that I would have taken some pictures of those colorful doors.

Until our next appointment…remember with fondness

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