15 June 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy Genealogy Events

So I was inspired by this week's title from Amy Coffin's, The We Tree Genealogy blog, series 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy to write. I know that quite often we will think of an event as a one time adventure. For me one of the most memorable events actually happens 12 times a year on the fourth Saturday of every month.
You see that is when the Patchogue Medford Library Genealogy Research Group (PML) that I belonged to while living in New York met. So once a month you could find me sitting on one of those folding chairs with my fellow obsessed genealogists eager to absorb anything of a genealogical nature. Little did we know at the onset of this group how it would grow to become such an important part of not only my life but the community of people dead set on finding their ancestors (no pun intended).

Indexing, databases, books galore, workshops, field trips to just tell you about a few of the items you may find in and around the PML. In fact I can now add that even though I am no longer able to attend these events due to a driving distance (434 miles) I was still, today, able to have a PML day event. Maybe I should call it a Genealogical Appointment rather. You see because if several other things, like the 1940 census opening and now having Ancestry.com name index New York I have not had the chance to pop over to the PML site. Having to double check the URL address for this blog I took the opportunity to glance at the site again and I have to tell you that is is like meandering into the grand opening of a retail store after renovations. So many new and interesting areas to see. Videos, charts, forms, links and more. I can't wait to get the time to go back and get lost down the aisles of the new and improved PML Genealogy. I recommend you all, even if you are not working on New york genealogy to visit this site not once but often.

And on a final note I will end with letting you know who just might be the major force behind this enhanced genealogical area of the PML...Toni Raptis, that's who. So after taking a stroll down this lane if you like what you see then please recommend it to your friends and drop Toni an email to let her know what you think.

Until our next genealogical appointment... create your event


  1. How fun. I wish there was a group like that around here. Thanks for sharing about the group and the site.

  2. Joining a genealogy club has been very rewarding. I get to talk to folks who have the same passion for genealogy as I do.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

    1. Dear Jim, Thanks for your comment. There is a great group that meets in Patchogue Long Island that was my first group. It went from a few people to a great number. I hope this group in VA does the same. We are still awaiting our web/fb prensence.
      Always Debbie