12 April 2012

Hold Your Nose, Close Your Eyes and Just Jump In

Random thoughts keep circling my mind like runners on the race track. The committee is in session, Where do I begin?, My name is…, We’ve only just begun…, Titles, Time enough…, Commitment…Woodturning…and these are only the front runners on the track and field. Oh let's not forget to “Start at the very beginning..” from Do Re Mi. But I have to admit from the start that timelines, organized thoughts and overall conventional thinking were never my forte. I like to think of myself as out of the box a bit. I also think that looking beyond the four walls into the next field is what has helped me with my genealogy past, present and future.

So do I have a goal here with this blog thing that I am commencing with? Yes I think so. To express myself, share what I have found and learned through experience, educate myself and possibly others who may run across this little field of mine and to grow within my own genealogical appointments in life. Oh did I tell you that this is the second time in my adult life that I have written a blog? So be patient with me please my people because as most things I have done, I learn as I travel. I feel that sometimes you just have to hold your nose and jump into the stream of life. Lucky for me that I can tread water.

So back to that beginning paragraph up top and those runners…The committee is in session… is in the lead and is telling me that I need to give birth to this blog with a name…now understand that the business side of me has always said KISS (keep it simple stupid) but the crazy mind side says to heck with that.

So until the next genealogical appointment…


  1. Bravo Debbie...I can't help but smile when I think of your knowledge and passion for genealogy. Your blog is a wonderful way to express that. There are probably many people in Virginia with New York ancestors and vice versa.
    You will be a great resource to them.

  2. Hi Debbie:

    I just signed up. Lotsa luck with the blog. Some interesting personal genealogical news: I just came across two people who are very likely to be my ancestors - Irish folk who were baptised in a Catholic church in Canada ca 1850. Very exciting! While it doesn't tell me where they came from in Ireland, it's a step in the right direction. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Tom (Wed)

  3. Thank you both for your kind words and encouragement on this new flight in life.

  4. Debbie, Thanks for emailing yesterday and forwarding The In-Depth Genealogist to all your friends. We had to stop by and check out your new blog. We absolutely love. Also, thanks for adding The In-Depth Genealogist to you Good Meets section. Happy ancestor hunting and blogging! We are listing your blog on Facebook as a new one to watch.

    Also, please go to www.geneabloggers.com and have them list your blog among all of the others.


    Terri @ The In-Depth Genealogist

    1. Dear Terri, Thank you for such an honor. More to come here.

  5. Hello Debbie, I just love your idea of Genealogical Appointments. What a great way to think of your research, Appointments. Thanks.

  6. Hi there! Welcome to the Geneabloggers gang! I look forward to keeping up on your blog!

  7. Thank you, Thank you all. Debbie